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If you are Florida contractor and you live in Florida, it is required that you complete 14 hours of continuing education before your license expires. Rocketcert is Florida contractor continuing education provider who can help you with this requirement. We offer a variety of online courses where you can learn about the latest tools, techniques, and other information to update your skill set. We make sure that your construction company stays competitive in the market. Rocketcert has a variety of continuing education classes, so you pick one that is right for you. We believe that continuous learning is the key to making a better contractor. Gain your 14 hours and increase your knowledge on load-bearing walls, basement walls, roofs, and more.

What We Offer in Our 14 Hours Florida Contractor CE Courses

You can learn about the following topics in our Florida contractor continuing education courses:

Florida Building Codes Overview including Local, County and State Requirements for Buildings & Plumbing.

Basement Walls Part I – Structural Construction of Tall, Nonbearing Wall Systems (8 hours) – Learn about the construction of basement walls using support systems. Understand how to build a nonbearing wall system. Learn how to wood wall framing systems, concrete wall framing systems, and masonry wall framing systems.

Basement Walls Part II – This is a continuation of the previous course on Tall, Nonbearing Wall Systems (4 hours). Learn about how to build a retained foundation wall, and how to install and maintain foundations, retaining walls, and stonework walls. Learn about all parts of a foundation wall from the footings to the caps. 

Building Code and Zoning Compliance for Florida Contractors (8 hours) – Learn about the codes that help you become a better contractor. Learn about the requirements for compliance.

Building Codes for Florida Contractors (4 hours) – Learn about the codes that help you become a better contractor. Learn about the requirements for compliance.

Roofing – Load Rating and Design Requirements (8 hours) – Learn how to design and build roofs properly including determining actual load bearing capacity, determining wind pressures on roofs, providing proper structural equipment, identifying areas of concern, and more.

Roofing – Roofing Materials and Systems (4 hours) – Learn about various roofing materials and systems. Find out more about the application of various roofing materials. Find out more about the application of various roofing systems.

The Building Codes Governing Contractors in Florida (8 hours) – Understand the building codes that govern contractors in Florida. Learn how to comply with all the codes that are applicable to your business.

The Maintenance of Florida Building Segments (4 hours) – Understand the maintenance requirements for different types of buildings. Learn how to maintain different segments of a building.

After you complete Rocketcert continuing education courses, you will receive a certificate of completion. Our certificate will have all the information you need to show to your client regarding continuing education. In addition, we will also send you an electronic copy of your certificate. You can forward this to your client for their records.

Choose Rocketcert for all of your Florida contractor continuing education needs. We are a leading provider for contractors to find the highest quality continuing education classes. We have put together a solid collection of classes that will help you stay informed and ensure that your business is performing at its best.

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