Different Types of vacuum cleaners Popular in Kenya

Vacuum cleaners are now gaining popularity due to the busy schedule of people and the increase in the number of cement, tiled, and carpeted floors. This article elaborates on the common types of vacuum cleaners.

A vacuum cleaner is a machine that works by creating an area of low pressure to suck debris and dirt. It comprises  different parts, including a motor, internal fan, filter, and connection to a power source. The engine is the source of the mechanical force driving the fan to drive out air leaving a low-pressure zone behind the fan. They are made of different types with unique features based on the model.


  1. Handheld vacuum cleaner

As the name suggests, this is a small type of vacuum cleaner held in one hand. This is used for places accessed with difficulty, including ceilings, door and window frames, and cars. They are, however, ineffective for spacious floors as it takes a lot of time and does not clean effectively. They are usually designed to be light for easy handling, with some having unique features such as being cordless to improve flexibility.

  1. Upright vacuum cleaner

This is the most common type designed to be upright during use and storage. They are easy to use and move around when cleaning. Its storage also does not require a lot of space as they are stored upright. Furthermore, they are easy to empty and clean compared to other vacuum cleaners. They are made with a characteristic large vacuum head to enable them to balance and to increase the amount of space cleaned per unit time. They, however, generate a lot of noise and are heavier to move.

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