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Forex market is not like other markets that are often closed. The forex market is open 24/7. If we talk about New Zealand, it is open from Monday morning to Friday evening. It means forex traders can trade from day to night, and on weekdays. It shows, forex traders can evaluate plenty of choices. That’s why, in this article, we are going to focus what are the exact and best forex trading hours for forex traders. 

Forex Market Clock

Forex markets are open always, from Monday to Friday, day and night, and 24/7. The four major forex trading markets include:

  1. New York: It opens at 13:00 OCT and closes at 22:00 UCT
  2. London: It opens at 8:00 UCT and closes at 17:00 UCT.
  3. Tokyo: It opens at 24:00 UCT and closes at 9:00 UCT.
  4. Sydney: It opens at 22:00 UCT and closes at 07:00 UCT.

These are the major four forex trading markets along with their opening and closing time.

Why Forex Market is Always Open?

There are certain reasons for this question. It is always open due to its reason of national and international collaboration. The best example is sa forex brokers. Trades are happening at international levels. Every country is different in terms of their time, so trading needs to be done only when both far apart trades are happening internationally.
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Secondly, the central banks need to be involved in forex trading. It is essential for liquidity swaps. It is useful for doing stable transactions in terms of volatility and less crisis rates. If we talk about the most active bank all over the world, in order to be involved todo forex trading is the Swiss National Bank. It is usually followed by the Bank of Japan.

If we talk about the forex market hours without 24/5, these include:

  • Factories that are dealing with raw material shortage
  • Ports that are facing disruptions
  • Consumers that are finding empty store shelves
  • Online shopping will never exist.
  • The government has no access and interest in the necessary capital.
  • The interconnected are disconnected

As we know that forex markets are decentralized, most of the transactions are occurringusing electronic networks and computer networks. Every aspect is automated in forex trading, which makes it a never closing market. This is the reason; every trader relies on forex trading and its algorithm.

Final Verdict

As we have learned, forex markets are always open 24/7. The two days off are public holidays. This shows trades can be done easily out of weekends. It does not depend on your geographic location. New York/ London is the best time to do trading. The four major forex markets and their timing is also accurately stated as above.

If you are in an Asian country, then nighttime is the best time to do trading with the best forex strategies. However, if you prefer the forex automatic trading method, it is also beneficial. You can opt for whatever you like according to your convenience. However, forex markets are open 5 days a week, and 24 hours a day. It is up to you when you choose to trade. 
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