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There are millions of self-proclaimed experts in front of the screen worldwide, not only at major events such as the soccer World Cup or the Olympic Games. It’s just fun to join in the excitement and to discuss players or other athletes with colleagues and friends. However, many lack the relevant background knowledge to be able to submit meaningful analyses. Thanks to the Internet, it is easier to find out about athletes, soccer players, swimmers, and other athletes. Also, you can bet on sports on Bet22.

The basics: knowing exactly how the game is played

No matter what sport you are interested in, it is important that you know the game’s rules. The rules are very clear for ski racing: it’s about who gets to the finish line first. Nevertheless, you should know, for example, that merging leads to disqualification and that only the first 30 of the first round in slalom and giant slalom are allowed to start in the second round. There are also rules in football that you should know to be able to analyze the games. For every amateur analyst, terms such as a corner, free kick, or offside should be familiar. Regulations are also relevant in tennis.

Some matches are played as “best of five,” which means that a player has to win. At least the sets to leave the field as the winner. You should also know what words like an ace, out, or tie-break mean if you want to have a say in tennis. The better you know the rules and gameplay, the better you can predict the game’s outcome and what went wrong in a particular match. That’s what coaches are all about, whose job is to create analyses: take a close look at what the team or the individual athlete did well, what didn’t work out optimally, and learn lessons from that for the next competition.

What else matters?

As a hobby analyst for sports competitions, however, you should not only know precisely how the game is played. It is also essential to observe what athletes do between their competitions. These include the following points:

    • How are you preparing for next season?
    • What is the current form?
    • Are there any injuries that cause a training deficit?
    • In team sports: are there player changes?
    • Has there been a change of coach?
    • Is there a major event coming up?

These and other factors have a significant impact on the success of athletes. With this background information, you can better assess what a team or an individual athlete is capable of doing in the current season.

Of course, especially when it comes to sports, a lot depends on how you feel on the day. It is not every day that you are physically able to perform at your best. There are always unexpected outsider victories at major events such as the Olympic Games.

Where can you get the information?

Today it’s easier than ever to get information about players, teams, and coaches. After all, the Internet has found its way into almost every household, and the virtual world offers countless opportunities to acquire knowledge. Here you will find analyzes of past games, individual reviews, player portraits, and much more. Most major football clubs and teams from other sports also operate a website where they disclose information.

You can also find out about your favorite sport on TV. You can’t learn a lot from broadcasting soccer games, ski races, marathons, etc. In addition, there are also discussion rounds and reports on the subject of sport. Not to forget the good old sports magazines, where you will find interviews and exciting reports. Whether it’s the Internet, social media, newspapers, or radio, the possibilities for obtaining information are almost unlimited.

Perfectly informed for more success in sports betting

Those interested in sports who collect in-depth information about games, athletes, and coaches also have better chances in sports betting. Sport in general also includes knowledge about sports betting. Without a little knowledge, it isn’t easy to give good advice. It takes time to refresh your sports betting knowledge. Sports betting providers report a lot about sporting events as well as newspapers. Here, too, the Internet provides valuable services. While a few years ago, you still had to visit a betting shop to place your bet, today, you register with an online provider and have the opportunity to bet at any time of the day.

Your knowledge of different teams and game processes will help you immensely. You know it through your ongoing analyzes precisely which team is currently in form and who tends to be weaker. So you can use your expert knowledge to give tips that have a greater chance of winning. Whether you bet on the simple single bet or dare to place a combination bet, it is up to you.

With a single bet, you bet on the correct winner (or a tie in football and other team sports) and have a relatively high chance of winning. On the other hand, the winnings paid out are not as high as if you opt for a more complicated type of bet. For example, in combination bets, you must correctly predict the outcomes of several games.

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