How do I get a residence permit under the ETIAS system?

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) is an electronic system that tracks people entering Europe from countries that do not need a Schengen visa. The system will become operational in 2023. It will help keep track of people from catalogued countries for whom obtaining an ETIAS is a mere formality. The reason is that these people come from visa-free countries. Now, when talking about renewing a work or residence permit under ETIAS while living in the Schengen area, people don’t have to go through a rigorous process. Under ETIAS, they get the advantage of living and working in the respective country for 365 days.

ETIAS and residence permits

The ETIAS system was created to know who is crossing the European border so that this person does not pose a threat to the country. Most people visit EU countries for business, medical or tourist purposes. They only get an extended visa for 90 days. However, the ETIAS system will scroll through and indicate who is still in the country, or if someone received an extension anywhere in Europe, this will be updated in this authorization system.

Here one thing is worth noting: under the ETIAS system you do not need to make great efforts to get a residence permit in the Schengen countries or the EU to work or live:

– Register at your local permit office and get a residency permit. For some residents it is renewed for one year, and for some it is renewed for two years. after five years you get a residency.

– Visa-free countries that require a visa to stay in European countries must apply for a work permit or student residence permit within 90 days of entering the EU.

– You need to visit the competent authorities if you need to extend your stay in the EU. For example, suppose you want to extend your work/residence permit.

– Residence and work permit visas are different from single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry visas. This is a residence card.

– People who have lived in the EU for more than 5 years can apply for a Permanent Resident Card. However, you need to prove that you and your family are seeking an extension without living on state benefits.


The ETIAS system will strengthen European borders, and people living in EU countries should no longer feel unprotected. The system will have regular updates on people living in and leaving the country. You can even register with the Ashshbuha Cooperative to be allowed to enter ETIAS.

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