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How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook?

With the vast amount of time people spend on Facebook daily, it’s no wonder that so many companies are using Facebook as an advertising platform. However, Facebook ads can be confusing and difficult to set up properly, especially if you don’t have any experience using them before.

After reading this post, please visit this website to discover how easy advertising on Facebook can be! The following is a step-by-step guide on how to advertise your business on Facebook. This can help guide you through the process so you end up creating the best possible ad for your needs!

7 Reasons Why Video Works

  1. Videos work. Period. The stats don’t lie: 7 out of 10 people who watched a video about a product stayed on that company’s site longer and 80% of users say videos help them make buying decisions.
  2. They keep your audience engaged. Video makers use visual content to capture attention, create engagement and build trust with audiences online.
  3. Videos are shareable (and shareable). Video makers have found success in using video as a form of social media marketing by creating engaging videos designed to be shared across networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  4. Videos increase brand awareness (and you can measure it). You can track views, likes and shares through YouTube Analytics or third-party tools like Unruly or Socialbakers.
  5. Videos get results…quickly! Video makers have found that videos can increase sales and brand awareness quickly, often within a few days or weeks of posting.
  6. Videos are mobile-friendly (and people watch them on their phones). People spend more time watching videos online than ever before, and video makers have found that mobile viewers engage with their content more often than desktop viewers do—sometimes even up to three times as much time spent watching a video!
  7. Video is an affordable marketing tool for small businesses. Video production costs vary widely depending on what you’re looking for in your final product, but you can create simple videos with your smartphone or tablet for little to no cost at all.

Pick the Right Topic

Finding a niche on Facebook is important, as it makes your page easier to find. Depending on what type of business you have, you can choose from a variety of different categories. If you’re having trouble deciding, try picking a category that relates most closely to your brand or product. Keep in mind that niche pages usually perform better than general ones.

For example, if you own an Italian restaurant, choosing Italian restaurants would be more specific and valuable than just restaurants. Once you pick a category, stick with it—don’t switch back and forth between several options. This could confuse people who are interested in following your page and might cause them to unfollow.

Create Your Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual representation of your idea. It provides a road map, allowing you to plan out your idea visually and in-depth. As you go through creating a storyboard, think about how you can create value with what you’re doing—it doesn’t have to be revolutionary.

The goal here is an honest look at where you are today versus where you want to be tomorrow: What value will my product or service offer people? With a video maker, you’ll need to develop a story that tells who you are, why you do what you do, and how it benefits others.

This isn’t just for videos either; if you make podcasts or write blogs, these stories still apply. Think about who your audience is and how they benefit from hearing from you (and ultimately buying from/subscribing to/etc.).

Know the Platform

Before you can successfully advertise your business on Facebook, you need to understand how it works. The first step is making a profile for your business. This profile is where most of your ad dollars will be spent so put some time into making it professional and aesthetically pleasing.

Remember that users have many different interests, so come up with a range of appeals you can use in your ads. The next step is understanding how people interact with each other and what they’re interested in.

Get Started Fast with Templates and Scripts

A video maker platform like Wideo can help you get started quickly. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create a professional-looking video for your business, and you can add in prewritten scripts and templates for things like product demos, testimonials, or other videos that are time-consuming to make from scratch. You can also use Wideo’s built-in scheduling tool to plan out when your videos will post—just set a date and time, and Video will do the rest. offers similar functionality with its Video Builder tool. There, users can select from different themes (like How To) and then customise them by adding text, images, music, and more.

Use Captions To Explain Things Better

You’ve likely seen ads that have a picture and a caption. That caption is just as important (if not more) than your main image. In fact, you should be using both—think of them as backup for each other. If someone doesn’t get it after reading your copy, they’ll still know what your image is about when you use captions with them.

Promote It Right

To get your brand in front of as many people as possible, try starting with a broad campaign that uses geo-targeting to push your advert towards users based on their location. This type of advert allows you to reach a wide audience across all demographics, regardless of where they are physically located. With geo-targeting you can place your advert by country, state or even city. You can also narrow down your targeting by age group and gender.

Final Thoughts

With any video maker app, you’ll want to spend some time looking at other people’s videos and studying what they do. What seems natural to them may seem awkward or stilted in your own work. This is normal, but try not to let it stop you from experimenting with new things. When you learn how to use these tools well, there are few limits to what you can create. With the right advertising strategy, you’re sure to win big on Facebook!

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