How To Choose The Best Snowboards?

Every winter is a snowboarders’ paradise, isn’t it? You might want to choose the best snowboards to enjoy the snowboarding season. Did you know that the snowboard equipment and gear market size is set to grow to AUD 516.8 million by 2026? It is because of the demand for this equipment as the snowboarding season arrives. 

You might want to jump on the bandwagon and begin snowboarding. You’ll probably need the best snowboards and other gear. This article will give you essential tips on choosing the best snowboard to match your level. So, read on and buy the best to enjoy the snow season. 

Choosing A Snowboard

Choosing the right snowboard can be a challenging decision. You need to consider several factors before you pick your ‘the one’. 

Size of the Board 

You need to choose a snowboard of the correct size. You’ll need to consider your height and weight while selecting the right length. For instance, if your weight is 150-165 pounds and your height is 173 cm, you’ll need a 159-167 cm board. Additionally, you could assess the size of the board by checking if the board’s nose reaches between your chin and nose. 

The Material 

Generally, two types of Polyethylene are used in snowboard bases: 

  • Sintered – These are faster, durable, and lighter bases. However, they are expensive and require more maintenance and waxing. They may contain gallium, graphite, or indium to increase resistance and glide. 
  • Extruded- These are low maintenance and less expensive. However, they are vulnerable to warping and don’t hold wax well. They are slower compared to sintered bases.

The Binding Capabilities 

You get binding options like strap bindings, rear entry bindings, and burton step-on bindings. You need to choose a binding that fits your boots and are compatible with your snowboard. This involves ensuring you have a snowboard with universal disc mounting so that several types of binding can be compatible with your snowboard.

The Width of The Board

While buying your snowboard, ensure the width is perfect for you. Ideally, the snowboard boots will hang slightly over the snowboard’s edges. Plus, you’ll need to ensure you get the right size of snowboard boots while choosing your snowboard. 

For instance, if you wear a size 5.75 men’s boot size or a 6.0-8.5 women’s boot size, the narrow snowboard width should ideally be between 236-245. You must consult the size chart to get the right size. 

The Construction And Shape 

You need to consider the construction and shape of the snowboard to ensure it matches your style. There are three types of snowboard shapes you can choose from: 

  • True Twins- these are symmetrical boards and can be ridden backwards and forwards. 
  • Directional Twins- These are perfect for mountain riding, where you want to do all sorts of tricks and different directions 
  • Uni Direction- These are beginner boards that let you ride in a single direction and offer you high speeds


Suppose you are a beginner at the snowboarding sport. You need to know how to choose the best snowboard. It would help if you considered things like the size of the snowboard, the width, the type, the construction and shape, and the binding capability.

Further, you need to ensure your snowboard matches your style, is flexible, and enables you to learn all the tricks you want. You’ll also need to consider the materials used to ensure you get the best results possible. 

So, choose your snowboards wisely if you want to get the best out of the snowboarding season.

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