How to Host a Teen House Party

Hosting a house party is always nerve-wracking, but especially if you have teens! Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to host a good house party!

Remember Your Responsibilities:

When it comes to hosting a teen house party, it’s vital that you remember your responsibilities as the host. Legally, you will have a duty of care for every guest that is at the party, so if anything goes wrong or there is an incident that doesn’t get handled properly (or you attempt to handle it correctly), then ultimately you could be held responsible. It’s also really important that you check any laws regarding alcohol consumption, noise restriction and any other rules that you may not be aware of- as ultimately this fall on your shoulders.

Be There:

Although it may seem like an obvious one, it’s crucial that you are present for the house party- no matter how much your teen may beg you to make yourself scarce from the house. This is because although the teens will probably just be dancing, talking and (potentially) drinking, all of this will be done in excess. Therefore, it’s important that you’re there to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Don’t Chaperone Alone:

Trying to handle a teen party single-handedly can be a huge challenge and can also be quite draining. It’s important that you have another adult present, as if there is an emergency- for example you need to take a child to hospital, there will be another person there to safeguard the teens and the party itself.

Set Rules:

One of the first and most important things when it comes to organising a teen party is that you set rules and establish what is and isn’t acceptable. Topics such as invitations, music, alcohol, smoking and gatecrashers need to be discussed in depth, and consequences should be set with broken rules in mind.

Discuss What Will Be on Access:

What happens when you let people into your home is that people begin to get nosey. Therefore, it’s a good idea to discuss what parts of your home are going to be accessible for your guests. You don’t want to give people too much access into your home, as this way people may start overstepping boundaries. Additionally, if you have a pool in the home- how are you going to ensure that these amenities are used safely.

Speak to Your Neighbours:

It’s important to be considerate when it comes to hosting a house party- therefore, speaking to your neighbours is key. By speaking to your neighbours, you will be able to kindly let them know in advance what will be going on and if they have any questions about it. Also, you can provide them with information such as what time the music will be turned off- and assuring them not to worry if they see or hear unfamiliar things.

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