How to Incorporate Video into Your Content Marketing

Wondering whether you should incorporate video in your content marketing plan?

Just take this data into account: Studies show that over 7.5 million blog posts are created every day, which means the online world is an ocean of words. This also means that online users are entirely saturated.

They do not have the time or the eagerness to go through textual content on the internet. The online world is flooded with content, which is why it becomes crucial for you to make your blog or your site stand out.

And there is no better way of doing this than using videos!

Videos can be beneficial, both for brands and for customers. With well-made and succinct video content, it becomes easier for viewers to receive the intended brand message. Visuals offer engaging and specific information.

But the question is: how do you integrate videos in your content marketing plan? Here’s the answer:

Define Your Objectives

You are actually making quite a significant change by introducing videos in your content marketing plan. And before making even a small change, it is necessary to set the right objectives.

Are you looking to gain brand recognition through your videos? Do you want to create videos that make it easy for your customers to understand your products and services or improve engagement through your videos?

Carry out proper research and answer these questions confidently. This will help you in setting clear and measurable objectives. You can aim to accomplish any one or all these objectives through your video marketing plan. It is entirely up to you.

Once you have set the foundation, start working on the specifics, like what to post, where to post, and when. 

Start Small

Of course, you must put in everything in trying to come out of the gate strong. Remember, a poor launch will not just mean the end of video integration in your content marketing strategy but also a complete failure of your content marketing plan.

Hence, it works to start small. Begin with visual content that will suit a large number of audiences and the least common denominators. Even a welcome shot of your products and services or a short visual advertisement will make a good start and not require a lot of money and effort.

Understand the Different Types of Videos for Your Brand

Deciding on the type of videos you are looking to create is very important. Using a video editor makes it simple to create different types of videos as per our needs. To begin with, you can create explainer or intro videos and place them on the homepage of your site. They help customers understand products the moment they visit a site. They also help create a sense of transparency, making it convenient for them to subscribe to you or buy something from you.

There are various other types of videos you can include in your content marketing plan, and these include:

  • How-to videos
  • Product videos
  • Testimonials
  • Event videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Webinars
  • Live streaming

The type of video you are looking to produce for your brand will largely depend on your brand objectives and the story you are looking to narrate. Also, consider the platforms where you will be posting your videos before deciding on the content type.

Post Videos on Your Site

Including videos on your landing page will engage the visitors instantly. After all, a website is there to serve as the hub for your online operations. And including videos on your site can increase conversions by around 80%, resulting in more leads and sales for your brand.

In addition to this, visitors will come to your site hoping to look at testimonials and product demonstrations, so they get to learn more about what your company offers and does. Posting visual content on your company site ensures all the visitors on your site get the most out of their visit.

Leverage the Power of Social Trends

Social trends help brands in showing a completely different side of themselves. This is an easy way of making a video that can be shared across varied channels. Going by the social trends and making videos is also quite affordable. Such videos can easily be made on phones, and therefore there is hardly any budget required.

Going by the social trends will help you remain updated on what the viewers want. So, you can make relevant content that resonates with the target audience. If you find things difficult, take inspiration from videos based on the latest trends on the different social media channels.

Going through such videos thoroughly will help you understand the video-making procedure and what works and what does not on the internet. The only thing you will have to work on is getting some employees and stakeholders willing to act funny and look silly. Click here to get most popular news.

Include Videos in Emails

People hardly open the hundreds of emails that they receive regularly. That’s because emails are overwhelming. People are in the habit of just skimming through email titles, not reading them by any chance.

But there’s one way you can make your emails interesting: by including videos in them. Simply including the term “Video” in the subject line of your email can work wonders. The videos you intend to include in your email should not be boring and long, though.

Just use them for teaching a simple concept to get them viral. An increase in email opening rates will automatically increase your link’s click-through rate and will eventually show in your sales.

This does not mean that video emails can replace other forms of content. No, they are just a way of spicing up your content.

Go Live

Live videos are big, and they are highly impactful. Going live offers incredible value, and you can leverage this value for creating long-lasting content for future viewers. They allow brands to interact and engage with audiences in real-time.

They are also great at driving tons of buzz around crucial updates and announcements. However, make sure to record live videos for viewers who missed out on them.

It’s a Wrap!

Integrating videos into your content marketing plan does not need to be a complicated procedure. It’s just that you need to understand the most basic things and come up with an all-inclusive plan for your business.

Besides the steps mentioned above, you must coordinate with other departments to identify the proper budget, use the best video editor for creating videos, and hire professionals for the job.

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