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How to Make Your House Feel Like Home in 2022

With the rise of remote work in recent years, people spend more time at home. That led to a wave of moving as people relocated to cheaper markets or bought bigger houses with home offices at Altamonte Springs apartments. Sometimes we look around and appreciate the good bones that attracted us to a space. But no matter how long we’ve lived there, we have to admit that the house doesn’t feel like home.

Fortunately, there are simple fixes to make your house feel cozy. These don’t need to be extravagant. With a few simple changes, you can add order, warmth and comfort to make your home feel warm and welcoming.  legible

Clean and declutter

You may have noticed that you feel more anxious in a messy space and research confirms this. While we normally have positive feelings about being at home, being in a cluttered space increases stress and decreases productivity.

The first step in decluttering is eliminating excess belongings. You know the drill. Discard or donate duplicate appliances, extra water bottles, worn college sweatshirts or whatever you don’t want or use anymore. You’ll have to organize what’s left. Find baskets, canisters or storage drawers to keep things in order and easy to find.

Consider hiring a cleaning service. Professional cleaners like SERVPRO can manage big projects like cleaning carpets and air ducts as well as routine cleaning and odor removal. A side benefit of using a cleaning service is that household members now have to tidy up periodically to clear the floors and surfaces so the cleaners can work.

Warm up the light

White light has a variety of tones, ranging from very warm, like candlelight, to cool light like daylight. Warm light is calming, relaxing and casts a flattering glow. Cool light promotes focus and concentration and triggers the brain to remain alert.

When buying light bulbs, note the color temperature of the bulb. Bulbs are rated from 1,000K to 10,000K. A very warm light is 1,000K and the coldest light is 10,000K.

Lighting experts recommend warm light of around 2700K for living areas and bedrooms and cool lighting of 5000K for work environments and garages.

Brighten a room with plants and flowers

Add plants and flowers to a room for an easy pop of color. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, consider consulting a guide for caring for houseplants. Choose colorful planters that fit the room’s design.

If you watch interior design shows, you’ve noticed striking flower arrangements in nearly every room. Pick up fresh flowers at the grocery store or farmer’s market and create a cheerful centerpiece for your kitchen table. Or use flowers to add color and fragrance to any room of the house. If you’re not sure you can keep plants alive, artificial plants and flowers also work well.

Add artwork

One of the easiest ways to personalize a space is to add artwork. Print photos with a common theme, such as vacation trips or family members. Put the prints in similar matted frames and create a photo collage. Framing children’s artwork is another option, especially for their bedrooms or playrooms.

Snuggle under a throw

A cozy throw is a hardworking accessory. It adds color, softness and warmth to a room. Layer a throw on your bed or place it where you watch TV. Use a storage ottoman to keep your throws nearby if you don’t want them on display.

Create comfort with rugs

Soften hardwood or tile floors with a colorful area rug. It accents your decor and makes a soft, warm surface for bare feet. If you’re worried that your pets will damage a rug, look into pet-friendly rugs. These are stain-resistant and often machine washable. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs are a good way to define a space and bring in color and pattern.

Make it “scent”sational

Certain scents relax you immediately. Think of baking bread, brewing coffee or cookies in the oven. Bring pleasant scents into your home with candles, essential oils or fresh flowers. Of course, preparing a home-cooked meal is guaranteed to make it smell like home.

Mood music

Use music to cheer yourself up or to unwind. Stream up-tempo music while you’re working out or cleaning. Play something soothing if you need to unwind. Play your all-time favorites when you need a pick-me-up.

Making your home feel like home in 2022

If your home is bland or uninspiring, you can make it feel like home in 2022. The tips here are easy, inexpensive and don’t involve extensive redecorating. Start today to make your house look, feel and smell like home.

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