How Well Do You Know Your CBD Capsules?

When you stop to consider the health and wellness trends that have hit the modern markets in the 20th century, it is most likely that two things would have been mentioned i.e. cannabidiol (CBD) and veganism. The competition between these two is inescapable and for good reason. They are both just as highly beneficial for you.

When it comes to veganism, according to The Vegan Society’s website, the population that has turned towards this lifestyle has more than tripled since 2014, this means over 600,000 people, in the UK alone, have changed to a plant-based diet and cut the meat out completely.

It is the same with those who are adding CBD to their lifestyle, and this is also a number that’s gradually reaching the millions not just in the UK but throughout the world. Veganism has tapped into almost any food product we find on the shelves of grocery and health food stores. There is no doubt there is a parallel between these two items.

Those who value their health and are socially responsible when it comes to their supplements and food, now have demanding taste preferences. You would now, more than ever, get into some thorough research online before you buy any food items. And the majority of the population should be doing this, especially with things they are fueling their body’s with.

One of these things to look into are those CBD capsules that you are eating or considering adding to your supplements, and we have some information below that highlights how this and veganism complement each other, from the production line to the final result in factories.

Veganism – A Basic Definition

Since this became one of the most talked-about trends on the market, it has led to several different variations, however, at its core, veganism is the choice for someone to avoid animal products as much as they possibly can. A strict vegan lifestyle allows for no animal products, but some call themselves ‘flexitarians’, who do indulge in animal products once in a while.

Strict vegans will abstain from anything that has dairy, eggs, and meat including their cosmetic products and clothing. Nowadays with so many shops and retailers who have embraced the idea and run with it, it is possible to find vegan items almost everywhere. Things like better labelling of food items and clothing brands help people distinguish them from non-vegan products easily.

Unfortunately, there are still some products that label themselves vegan but may still have animal products in them. Things like beeswax in cosmetic products or silk and wool in clothing. However, one relevant example for this context is CBD capsules. This is because more often than not, they are made with gelatinous ingredients, which are animal derivatives and come from pigs and cows’ bones, cartilage, hooves and skin:

CBD – A Basic Definition

Cannabinoid or CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and is completely legal in most countries, to the extent many shops are selling CBD products and restaurants serving CBD food on their menus. Anything that has less than 0.2% THC is allowed to be sold to the consumer markets.

It has been studied, researched and tested to be a safe alternative to holistic therapy and seen to make a positive difference to many people suffering from various health conditions as well as for overall health and well-being. There are not only human products made out of it but also animal products.

It comes in a variety of different forms, from liquids to sprays, balms, gummies and even capsules. For those who have chosen the vegan lifestyle, it even comes in pure vegan forms. However, choosing the right brand is key to ensuring you get what you paid for, or what’s written on the product label and has no animal product whatsoever.

Famous brands such as Cheefbotanicals swear by their vegan CBD capsules, but if you are buying other brands, you need to check the ingredients label thoroughly to make sure it is what it is. CBD is widely used to relieve aches and pains, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, muscle and joint spasms and more serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s and seizures in patients.

Nutrition and diet are some of the most important things to consider when switching from an animal-based lifestyle to an entirely plant-based diet. There may be components that you are missing from it, that your body needs, and so to supplement with things like CBD capsules, it helps to add valuable nutrients and essential amino acids to your body to help keep things functioning as they should.

CBD on its own is vegan. As mentioned earlier, it is extracted directly from the cannabis plant via various extraction methods. CO2 is the best-rated extraction method. When consumed in its pure form, it is a safe way to release the hundred different types of cannabinoids present in it which get to work on your body’s endocannabinoid system. This is the system that is responsible for the majority of our capabilities, like appetite, motor neuron functions, smell, hearing, memory, mood, fertility and reproduction, to name a few.

Sometimes you may assume your capsules are vegan when they aren’t. it could be anything from the production process that contaminates the product to the added hidden ingredients that are mixed within it. The coating is the main thing in question – always check if it has any animal product such as gelatin in it, or not.

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