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You watched movies, read books, took a walk, brainstormed, and even went on to pulling your hair and groaning in frustration, but the ideas didn’t come to you. The embers of your inventive abstraction flickered out and you start feeling like a failure, the blank screen of your tablet and the empty pages of your sketchbook staring back at you with nothing to offer.

And so, sometimes, you need a catalyst to ignite that flicker and smoothen out the flow of inspiration and ideas that can get you back on track. Fortunately, the internet has blessed us with a wealth of blogs, websites, online magazines, and other online resources that can remarkably clear out our creative roadblock.

Diego Velazquez – The Surrender of Breda

Here are a few online resources to boost your creative animal:


Founded in August 2000, DeviantArt is the largest and most popular online social network and art community on the web. This site is a blessing for all art enthusiasts who are looking for original and innovative ways to put their contrivance to use. Artists, creative writers and photographers alike share and check out a new piece every day while also providing insights and critiques simultaneously.

Frame Destination

Be it trendy, new ideas, photography, framing, or graphic arts, Frame Destination offers heaps of ideas at your mercy. Users get a chance to learn new and innovative skills and techniques, with some fun activities added to the mix. The site offers a detailed insight into all its art resources, along with a variety of original suggestions to fulfill your creative pursuit.


In a culture that is rapidly pacing towards embracing minimalism, this site gives you a break from the complicated, overflowing, and an overwhelming amount of ideas and commodities and brings simplicity to the primal surface. Designed in a comprehensible black and white impression, it offers an insurmountable amount of incentives on topics ranging from architecture, art movements, graphic design, home decor, and even accessory design.


As the name suggests, this online resource allows you to pin your interest. This site offers a wide array of intuitive research options that range from movie quotes written on artistic backgrounds to sketches of celebrities and knitting designs on a piece of cloth. You can also initiate visually similar research by cropping down your images and saving your chosen artwork ideas by pinning them or categorizing them into collections and creating collages and mood boards.

We Heart It

Over more than 10 million images, ‘We Heart It’ allows its community to browse through its rich and vivacious photo gallery and click on the image one likes to ‘heart’, and add it to their personalized favorite bookmarks. Young users especially refer and use a lot of images from here to curate other art and writing pieces and one can always see its resources scattered on the profile of users of Tumblr as well.


Instead of an elaborate and detailed art expressiveness and tutorials, Dribble offers quick shots; small glimpses of the ideas into the art projects. This way one can get a fast and efficient absorption of ideas and also save valuable time. It mainly acts as a prompt to initiate a purpose to an end goal and to discover a new way of doing things. The invite-only system further improves the overall quality and standard of the site with only selective pieces getting published.

Behance Network

The leading platform for creative professionals and the biggest design portfolio platform, Behance is known by everyone who values art. Users can build a network on the site by presenting their customized and unique artworks, which the creative professionals then design and present to match their site’s artistic outline. It is a perfect platform to not only allow amateurs to grow and learn but also push them forward by providing ingenious art ideas.

Artists Blog

Getting inspired is wonderful enough, but getting inspired by your favorite artists is borderline fantastic. Artists Blog provides RSS feeds to your favorite artists that you can subscribe to get updates on their artworks and also take a dive into the behind-the-scenes of their process and skills. This way, you can not only be pushed to your boundaries but also learn the required secrets to curating a masterpiece.


Inspiration can be found even in the most bizarre of places. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot gauge and search resources that are specially designed to provide you some deeply needed ideas. So what’s with the wait? Let your creative spirit awaken!

Art encyclopedias are a dream come true for every art enthusiast with an insatiable desire for information. These encyclopedias cover a wide range of subjects, from painting and sculpture to non-traditional media such as digital and video art, and include fascinating historical and current information on materials and procedures.

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