Price Determinants of Solar Powered Water Heater

From this article, you will discover factors that determine the price of a solar powered water heater. These factors will give you detailed insight into all you need to know about solar heaters and how to get utmost value for your money when sourcing one. In essence, it will guide you on how to get the best heater for the best price in the market. Some after-sales services could include regular inspections or hot water repairs.

Prices of water heaters are largely dependent on a wide array of factors, namely; type, size/capacity, brand as well as after-sale services rendered. The best price is not necessarily gauged by the amount charged, rather the value you draw from the product at the set price. By looking into key aspects of the heater you wish to acquire in line with your utility needs, you will most likely derive the best value for the best price.

Factors determining the price of solar powered water heater


The type of solar heater is distinguished by a number of factors including the system of hot water movement. Pump dependent systems tend to require higher levels of maintenance. This is due to pressure exerted on pipes and tanks that may leave them prone to bursting and other defects. This means as a buyer, you ought to foresee the underlying costs of such heating systems.


This refers to the make of the solar heater or the manufacturer. It is a distinguishing factor since it points to the materials used, shape, expertise and quality. All these aspects of a brand including reputation are key informants of the price and value of the solar heater. This is because of customer reviews on these aspects of the product. It is a decisive factor for a buyer with regard to getting value for their money.

Size and capacity

Solar water heater price is often directly proportional to the size and capacity of the heater itself; this is with regard to predominant market trends. It is generally assumed that the power and efficiency of the heater is directly proportional to its capacity hence value. In essence, the larger the absorption surface area and storage tanks holding capacity, the greater the conversion of solar to heat energy as well as heating capacity.

After-sale services

It is imperative to be aware of the presence or lack of after-sale services and how it reflects on the price of your preferred solar water heater. Such services may include delivery, installation, length of warranty and allowable actions provided as well as maintenance. Such services from reputable and expert dealers are value for your money since they save on would be cost incurred were you to solicit independently. This is because they are offered as a price inclusive bundle.

It is important for you as a buyer to do a market research, with regard to your utility needs, prior to settling on a solar heater to purchase. Basing your decision on price alone could be detrimental (cost-wise in the long run), should you not get value in quality, durability, functionality and efficiency from your selected solar heater.

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