Roman Numerals and Tips and Tricks to Remember Them

We come across the concept of roman numerals in our lower classes. Like the number system that we use for the purpose of counting in our day-to-day activities and in other important transactions, roman numerals are the number system that was prevalent in ancient Rome and was used for writing numbers all throughout Europe into the Late Middle Ages. Roman numerals are used even today throughout the world. The use of Roman numerals starting from I(1) to X(10), L(50), C(100), D(500) and M(1000) is common even today. Thus, it becomes important that we learn about the various concepts of roman numerals in detail. In this article, we will learn how to write numbers using the roman numerals along with discussing tips and tricks to learn them easily without much hassle.

How to Write Numbers Using Roman Numerals?

In Roman numerals, we use seven distinct letters to represent various lists of numbers. These numbers are as follows:

  • I to represent 1
  • V to represent 5
  • X to represent 10
  • L to represent 50
  • C to represent 100
  • D to represent 500
  • M to represent 1000

If you understand various rules on how to write using these distinct numerals, things become very easy for you.

Various Rules for Writing Using Roman Numerals

It is very important for students to learn the rules for writing using Roman numerals so that they can avoid mistakes and use this number system perfectly. Various rules for writing using Roman numerals are discussed below:

  • We can repeat the following Roman numerals three times in succession: I, X and C.
  • We cannot repeat the following Roman numerals in the Roman numeral system: L, V, and D. If these letters are repeated, the number obtained shall be considered invalid.
  • A number is said to be subtracted if a digit of the lower value is written to the left of a digit that is higher in value. Example: IX (9).
  • A number is said to be added if a digit of the lower value is written to the right of a digit that is higher in value. Example: XI (11)
  • We can use only the following Roman numerals as subtractive numerals: I, X, and C.

Some Important Tips and Tricks to Remember Roman Numerals

Most of the students are used to the real number system. Thus, it becomes very confusing and difficult to understand and learn about the roman numeral system. Following are some important tips and tricks that can help you grasp roman numerals easily:

  • You can take the help of mnemonics to learn the roman numerals easily. It is one of the most efficient techniques to learn about roman numerals. Example: My Dear Cow Loves Xtra Vitamins Intensely. You will notice that the first letter of each word gives us a roman numeral.
  • If you want to master the concept of Roman numerals, the best thing you can do is practice. Take the help of Math worksheets to practice questions of conversions which will help you greatly.

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