Super Chill Tips To Keep Your Food Cold For Long On Every Trip (Using An Ice Cooler.)

So, you decided to go for a beach day vacation. Packed the swimwear, sun protection, and every other essential. But, as soon as you reach your destination, your chilled beer and other food items have started feeling warm even in your cooler. 

Such a downer, right?

What if you can keep all the foodstuffs fresh and cold even on a scorching day using the ice boxes online

No one wants their cold turkey sandwich turned soggy and stale. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can get your preferred fabulous picnic edibles on a hot day! 

What storage tips can keep your food cold longer in a cooler?

Whether you’re planning a short trip or a camping adventure, ice box tips can give you more meal options. It’s not just about how many ice cubes you have in the container, but the way you use them. That’s why you should never ignore how you pack your food items. 

Here’s how you can up your storage game for a fantastic picnic!

Portion your foodstuffs

To enjoy your trip to the fullest, you will need to prepare your food beforehand. Don’t worry. No one’s asking you to cook a three-course meal. But it’d be best if you portion your foodstuff with respect to the number of people and their preferred bowl volume. 

Besides, you can also chop up some vegetables and cook marinades for storing in small boxes. 

Use airtight containers

When there’s ice, there will be water. 

So, you must be ready to keep your food items safe from sogging or getting wet. For this reason, keep airtight containers handy to use during your trip. It’ll save your meals from water but maintain freshness for a long.

Get rid of the packaging.

Most of the store bought foodstuffs come with packaging that takes up space. Getting rid of the excess wrapping will help you save up space for more ice cubes. 

The more the cubes, the longer the chilliness inside the ice box.

Freeze your food

Frozen food has a higher shelf life. 

Who knew freezing your food would also help you spend your vacations in the delicious zone. However, be mindful of the items you will need on the first day of your trip. Since you might face some difficulty in defrosting the meat, it’s best if you store the item to be used after the first two days. 

Note: The frozen meat pieces also act as ice cubes. So, you’ll have twin benefits. 

Refrigerate most of the items

Even the containers!

Yes. You read that right. 

Anything that’ll be at room temperature makes the cubes absorb heat unless it’s the Australian ‘unmeltable’ ice cream. You must be careful about the aggregate warmth of all the items getting inside the cooler.

In a nutshell

you when can’t afford to head to stores to satisfy your cravings when you’re camping out. But, with the purchase of ice boxes online, you can keep your food cold, fresh and close to your camp. 

So, if you’re planning a trip, other than exhausting your sabbatical leave, do prep up your food before storing it. And spread the word around to maximise the vacation happiness of others.

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