The 12-steps program for helping you in rehab

The 12-steps program is one of the oldest methods of treating any kind of addiction. It is simply hailed as the best standard for recovery for any addict. The 12-steps were introduced by the Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s where it was based off of Christianity, but not entirely. Many people have this misconception that the 12-steps program is only for Christians but that can’t be any farther from the truth—the 12-steps program is actually for everyone, no matter what their caste, color, creed, or religion is.

History of the 12-steps program.

The 12-steps program was created by the founding members of the Alcoholics Anonymous, and at the start it was only established and created for treating addicts of alcohol. Then, overtime the program started to gain more and more success among the general public as many alcoholics started to recover and feel more at ease with themselves.

This led to the creation of different kinds of 12-steps programs, such as the Debtors Anonymous and the Cocaine Anonymous which are basically also offering the 12-steps for combating drugs through the spiritual method of the 12-steps model.

Even though the 12-steps program is based off of the concept of God or a spiritual model, even can be said a religious model, which is a more proper modeling of the 12-steps program, the point is that not only have religious people found it helpful but also non-religious people have found it quite helpful in their addiction problems. The program is modeled in such a way that the concept of God is subjective for each participant, different people with different beliefs have different interpretations of God and what God really means to them, which works to make the model of the 12-step program effective for treating addiction problems in people. It is an all-inclusive way of treating addiction in a spiritual way.

The 12 steps of the 12-steps program.

The following are the 12 steps of the 12-steps program, number 1, 2, and number 3 are deemed as the steps that lay the foundation of the 12-step program:

  1. The first step helps the participant to garner a belief system that tells them that they were powerless against the addiction and this addiction has become quite hard to manage.
  2. The second step asks the participant to believe that a higher power can bring them back to sanity.
  3. The third step asks the participant to turn their will entirely to the higher being.
  4. The fourth step asks the participant to look inward and look for problems, issues, and negative behavior to be fixed through the will of God.
  5. The fifth step asks the participant to admit that they have done wrong actions, to themselves, to other humans, and to the higher being.
  6. The sixth step asks the participant to believe that God will remove any defects that they may have in their character.
  7. The seventh step asks the participant to forgive their shortcomings.
  8. The eight step asks the participant to list all the humans they have done wrong to and to ask them for their forgiveness.
  9. The ninth step asks the participant to make truce with people that you have hurt, but do not make truce if contacting them will hurt them even more.
  10. The tenth step asks the participant to keep on looking inward even more and stay present so much so that the moment we do wrong—we apologize for it.
  11. The eleventh step asks the participant to pray to the higher being to improve their mental presence and increase their will so they may carry out their tasks properly.
  12. The twelfth step asks the participant to carry the message to other alcoholics, and other addicts for the sole purpose of making them cure their addiction.

These are the legendary 12 steps of the 12-steps program that have healed thousands of people across continents and decades, if you want to practice the 12-steps program, then click on the following link to get started:

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