The best strategies in sports betting to get the most out of it

All people who bet do so with the same goal: to win. To achieve this, you need to develop a plan. Doing so makes it possible to minimize risks and losses and maximize odds and benefits. Also, betting will become much more exciting, especially in the long run. We want you to enjoy sports and betting, so we have collected experts’ best sports betting strategies on this site

                         What are sports betting strategies?

Sports betting strategies are an effective way to obtain more profitability. Normally, a strategy comprises different tactics, techniques, and actions to follow in the medium or long term. There are different strategies to follow in the betting world and develop a way to make the game profitable.

No sport is predictable, and many factors determine the final result. Therefore, no one can tell you that there is a 100% reliable strategy with zero risk. We can tell you that several of them serve to improve the profitability and excitement of the game in the long term.

        Reasons and benefits of applying a sports betting strategy

Gambling without rhyme or reason will not give us economic benefits or joys in the long or short term. For this reason, professional bettors recommend that you learn and follow a strategy to improve your game.

For several reasons, we will tell you that by following a strategy, you will be able to improve your profitability, and you will be able to enjoy a safe game. In addition, you will create your plan to follow, learning in each new bet you make to improve in the next one. There will be failures and successes, and you must consider both scenarios and make the best of each moment. Developing your best strategy will take time, but you will see that it was the best decision you ever made in the long run.

                   Examples of sports betting strategies

Some examples of strategies that high rollers follow when placing their sports bets are the following:

The Fibonacci system in soccer tie

Surely this name will sound familiar to you: Fibonacci, but why? It is a sequence of natural numbers that can be extended to infinity, adding the two previous figures to obtain a new result. For example: 0+1= 1; 1+1=2; 2+1=3; 3+2=5…

The Fibonacci method in sports betting can help you improve your performance in all types of bets, both football, basketball, and even tennis. It is about increasing the bet following the Fibonacci sequence.

How to apply the Fibonacci system in soccer: a brief explanation

To understand it better, we will put an example in football betting. In the case of soccer competition, we first study how many matches ended in a draw the previous season. If there have been 33% draws, the final result is a draw on average, every 3.3 games.

How do we bet once we know that? It is only used to bet on the tie, with odds greater than 2.65 $. The process would be as follows: the first tie bet will be 1 $ and will be lost, and the second will be 1 $ and will be lost again. Then the bet is raised to 2 $, then to 5 $ and, with the 8 $, it would win. The investment will have been 15 $, but if the share of the tie has been 2.65 $, the total earnings rise to 20.96 $, which finally remains in total earnings of 5.96 $.

The Patent system (7 bets)

The Patent system or the 7-bet system is about making 3 betting forecasts:

1 simple bet per forecast

3 combined bets with two forecasts

A combined bet with three forecasts

 It is necessary to hit at least one of all the forecasts that will have been chosen to win. The more hits, the more profit you will get.

Betting on the player who will score the most goals is an exciting bet that keeps you on your toes, following all the movements on the pitch from minute 0 to minute 90. Depending on the competition or league, there are several bets on players: player to score the first or last goal, the player will score and his team will win, first scorer and exact result, etc.

 It is essential to watch the team’s matches in which you want to specialize in getting to know the development of each player, especially the strikers. We also advise being informed of the player’s evolution and his team. If you start this strategy in sports betting at the beginning of the season, you will be able to obtain a higher return in the long run.

                  Specialize in a single league or competition

We have also discussed it in our sports betting tips. Specializing in a single competition or league is an excellent strategy to improve your performance. Sometimes, we want to cover more than we can. For many, it is practically impossible to follow the NBA, the ACB, the Spanish LaLiga, the English Premier League, the Champions League, MotoGP, and Formula 1… And we haven’t even said half of it yet.

To follow this strategy, focus on competition in a sport you like. You will enjoy following the evolution, reading the information, watching the matches or races and, in addition, you will experience the bets with much more emotion.

                                    Bet on the home team

This strategy only works with matches between two teams: football, basketball, rugby, volleyball… Although we cannot guarantee that this is always the case, local teams play with a slight advantage for various reasons. First of all, they know the field of play better than anyone since it is where they train. We must also consider that they will have the fans in their favor, cheering on the team at all times. The last reason is that the players will arrive more rested to the meeting since long trips will be avoided.

This strategy is not always effective, and we must consider other factors such as who will be the rival team, how the team’s situation is if there are essential casualties, etc.

                                Minimum risk betting strategy

This is an ideal sports betting strategy for beginners or those who want to minimize their risks before betting. It is about choosing low and very likely fees, those that, for example, do not exceed 1.50 $.

                           Low budget betting strategy

This is another way to enter the world of betting without having a scare at first and helping you not to spend more than necessary. It is about establishing a monthly or weekly budget and betting only between 1 and 2% of this amount on a match.

The effective strategy is based on not leaving the established limits, even if there are losses. You must have a cool mind and assume that there will be bad streaks with losses, but they will also come from good ones with more profits.

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