Top 4 Qualities of a Reliable Face Mask in Australia

Is wearing a mask mandatory? Although mask restrictions in Australia have eased considerably in 2022, wearing face masks is still compulsory in certain situations, such as taking public transportation, visiting hospitals or aged-care facilities, and going to school or work. Despite this, even if it’s not required in other situations, it’s always a safer choice to have a reliable mask on hand. 

With so many brands and types of masks available in the market today, it can be challenging to choose a mask that suits your needs. So, when you buy face masks in Australia, look for these essential qualities:

Mask Material

The first component you need to consider is the mask’s material. The different fabrics offer different levels of protection and breathability. What you need to do, therefore, is to find one that you can easily breathe through and feel protected by. 

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the best masks are made with tightly-woven fabrics like cotton. Alternatively, they also recommend masks with a high thread count, such as microfibre and wool, to guarantee high breathability and maximum effectivity.bundlenews


To get the best safety out of your mask, CDC recommends that you should find a product that’s made with a minimum of two layers of cloth. An extra layer offers adequate protection against COVID-19, especially with the highly-contagious Delta and Omicron variants.

While opting to wear two separate masks is an option, it might hinder the element of breathability. For this reason, choosing a mask that’s appropriately layered is imperative.


The other point you need to consider is the fit. While it might seem like the least important aspect of a face mask, the fit can make a difference in your comfort. 

If you’ve gone through a selection of masks, you know that not all products are the same. Some are tight around the ears and have gaps around the cheeks. Others don’t cover all of the nose and mouth.

It can be a process of trial and error to find a mask that fits perfectly, but as a rule of thumb, you need to find a mask that seals your nose and your cheeks. Likewise, it should cover your mouth completely. 

Ideally, it would help if you weren’t making readjustments throughout the day. The mask should fit tight on your face without you having to fix it constantly. 


Finally, when you buy face masks in Australia, you need to ensure that they’re highly durable. Superior quality masks are made with sturdy materials to withstand even the most extreme conditions and last the whole day. 

Among the various types of masks you can find in the country, experts recommend that you invest in N95 or P2 masks. They are considered the most effective respirators in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. 

Unlike cloth masks or surgical masks, P2 masks are made with durable materials and an optimal filtration system to thwart infectious diseases and filter out even the finest airborne particles. So, if you’re looking for the most effective mask to protect your health, try considering the P2 variety. 

Choosing the Best Mask

Now that you know what qualities make a good mask, you can narrow down your options and find one that suits your needs. Effectiveness and breathability should be your top priority, so keep this in mind when making your next purchase. tunai4d 

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