Ways Independent Learning Can Be Induced in Students

Doesn’t matter how fast the education sector is growing but still students need guidance always. Earlier students were totally dependent upon tutors for studying and completing their courses regarding some tough subjects, students used to flatter the tutors a lot to pass them in the exams. Parents also used to worry a lot about their kids because they had to work really hard and put in more than a person can think. Earlier resources were also very limited and in those limited resources students had to complete their courses and bring good marks and score good numbers also. That time was very harsh for the students and usually students used to face many problems in studying at that time. But today the whole scenario has changed and students are getting relief due to online education. It is so because inline education has changed the method of delivering the education and receiving the same and that is why education is no longer a tough dream for students. Today students are becoming independent learners. They don’t have to wait for anybody’s instructions and nobody makes them wait for the guidance now they attain all the necessary details of the subjects from online resources. Today tools like any best school management software are there which organise all school operations in very effective manners and as far as students are concerned, school managements are opting for a student attendance management system with the help of which they have access to information and data regarding student’s attendance 24×7. In short, all these technological supports have made independent learning easy and effective for the students. Now let’s understand how tutors and parents can help students to become independent learners.

Just like any best school management software knows how to organize everything in the school in each and every department, in the same way students need to be sure about their perspective and objective about what they have to attain from what and how they are studying. If a student is not having a clear objective, then independent learning is not possible because this learning is something during which the student is completely dependent upon himself/herself and the findings he or she will find out. But here the problem is how parents and tutors can inspire the students for independent learning because decades have passed and still students are dependent or made dependent on someone to study and continue their studies. It is surely the duty of the tutors to help the students in their problems while studying but not always. Like if the students are asking questions in any already taught lesson, then neither answer the question nor deny to help instead ask the students to try to find the answer in the lesson which is already taught. Make them do some effort from their side also. As the student attendance management system makes the students reach the school on time and maintain their attendance themselves. Tutors and parents need to make the students believe in themselves and trust the team work and seek help from those peers in the class who have solved those problems already which are bothering them. This collaboration makes the students find out their skills to handle the issues in the class with collaborative techniques.

Independent learning is not easy for the students because those students who have been learning and studying with the help of tutors always, if they have to do everything alone then it becomes a little bothersome for them. Initially they can fail in many academic tasks but tutors need to make the students learn from their failure. Students can read their failure very deeply and can find out the points where they missed and can remove those mistakes and can perform better next time. Tutors can brief the students about the methods of how they make their notes to teach the students and can encourage the students to study daily twice and that too on a fixed routine. Keep them motivated and give feedback on their research work to make them understand the improvement they need to make. Tutors need to make the student understand the ways they can assess their own performance so that after taking little help from them students should be completely dependent on themselves only.


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