What are the different types of towing services?

It is common for most people to know what towing companies do–they tow cars in all circumstances. There are dozens of companies out there, so how can you know which one to choose for your towing needs? You’ll want to find a towing company that is local and will be affordable. If you’re in need of a towing service, reach out to Sunkiss Towing who is an Idaho Falls Towing service. Sunkiss Towing offers light towing, medium towing and heavy towing so that you can be taken care of for any situation.

Light Towing

Most towing companies have different towing options based on the vehicle or object that needs to be towed. At Sunkiss Towing, they have the ability to pull fifth wheels, or bumper pulls. They also have hook trucks that are all equipped with dollys. 

Light-Duty Recovery

Most towing companies have equipment that allows a vehicle to be pulled with one truck. As a result, this will reduce the cost for the customer and be a quicker recovery process overall. 

Medium Towing

Medium towing falls into the category where a vehicle is too heavy for light towing and too light to be considered for heavy towing. A simple way to categorize medium towing is a larger truck that isn’t a semi truck. Having a medium towing option allows for a cost-effective option for customers.

Heavy Towing

Permit towing

Permit towing services allow for quicker response times to haul heavy equipment across state lines to make it more cost effective for the customers. A permit is only good for certain regions, depending on the permit. Sunkiss Towing’s permit has coverage in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

Long distance

At Sunkiss Towing, they will allow you to have something towed 1000s of miles away without it costing a fortune!

Buses and motorhomes

Some towing companies have trucks with the capability to haul large vehicles such as buses or motorhomes. Sunkiss Towing is ready and willing to help you with heavy vehicles that need to be towed. 

Heavy-Duty Recovery 


Rotators have pivoting parts to allow for ease of recovery for heavy objects or vehicles.

Airbag recovery system

The airbag recovery system allows trailers or trucks that have been tipped over to be rotated upright without losing any cargo from inside the trailer. 

Flatbeds and reefers

A reefer is a refrigerated trailer that carries products that need to be temperature controlled while being transported. Sunkiss has a variety of trailers to choose from to get the job done.

Why hire Sunkiss Towing

Sunkiss Towing is a family owned and operated company who make great efforts to have a personal relationship with every one of their clients. Their wide access to equipment proves to be very useful with towing a variety of vehicles. The equipment will also not damage your vehicle in the towing process. They’re also the first to have air cushion recovery and have multiple trucks for heavy towing services. Contact Sunkiss Towing today for your towing needs and schedule a consultation.

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