What is the Asian 1×2 Handicap? A collection of great tips for beginners

Online football sports betting today is not too far away from the gaming community. You are just starting to participate in online betting and have heard of 1 x 2 Asian rafters. But you do not know what kind of bet this is? How to play and tips for beginners? Let’s refer to the 22Bet Ethiopia house through the following part of the article.

What is the Asian 1×2 Handicap?

If you are interested in learning through sports betting or have betting experience, then you will surely know that an Asian handicap is a handicap when the strength between two teams is not equal to create a balance for both teams. whole match. And 1×2 is a European bet that only has a win, loss, or tie bet.

So the Asian 12 market is simply understood as a type of bet that is similar to European betting but brought back to Asia, where the odds are used to pay bonuses to the Asian market.For those of you who do not know the 1×2 bet, this is a bet with only 3 bets corresponding to its symbol:

  • 1: the player bets on the home team to win
  • 2: player bets on the away team to win the match
  • X: If 2 teams tie, the player who bets on this door wins.

For those who are new to online sports betting, Asian 1×2 bets help players not spend too much time learning about the match. Because the player only needs to choose 1 out of 3 possible cases in the match.

Types of Asian 1×2 rafters today

Today, in order to increase the popularity as well as satisfy the players, the Asian 1×2 rafters are expanded by the bookies. No matter what type of Asian 1×2 bet is involved, the bet is considered valid as the player must bet before the half or match occurs. Newly expanded bet types such as:

  • Types of Asian bets 1×2 today
  • 1×2 Asia 1×2 Handicap bets
  • 1×2 Asian 2nd Half Handicap
  • 1×2 Asian Handicap for the entire match.
  • Asian 1×2 betting tips for beginners

Players who are new to betting, whether in the 1st, 2nd half, or full game types of bets, need to pocket the following tips to win big:

Asian 1×2 betting tips for newbies

  • Choose a reputable bookie to join the match. This is the first and most important thing that any sports betor must pay attention to and pay attention to. When choosing a reputable bookie, the matches have transparent odds and the adjustment time has been clearly regulated. Depositing, withdrawing or receiving bets is simple and fast.
  • The game requires careful and meticulous analysis.Although the odds of winning are as high as 33%, players should not be so subjective. You need to consider as well as find out about the strength of the two teams, the expected line-up, confrontation history, etc. This helps you to increase your chances of winning the bet. Because the old men always have a saying: “knowing people know me, a hundred matches, a hundred wins”, so players need to learn carefully before betting to win high.
  • Many experts as well as longtime players say that you “Don’t put your eggs in the same basket,” which means you should not bet too much or even all your money on 1 bet in 1 match. Because, according to statistics and research from many people, parlay bets help players improve their winning rate as well as receive more bonuses.
  • Players, when participating in betting on any football match, need to update betting information regularly. Due to the house as well as the expected lineup, there will be certain updates and changes. When the player does not pay attention, the possibility that the bet will be changed or the expected lineup will not be the same as the original is high, causing a high risk of losing the bet.

In addition, in each type of Asian 1×2 bet, the first half, the second half, and the whole match also have the following tips for new players.

How to bet 1×2 Asia 1st half

In the first half, if the two teams have almost equal strength, the X-draw will be very high. Because in the first minutes of the match, the two teams will tend to probe the opponent’s tactics and strength rather than attack. Even though the two teams have a difference in strength, the first half of the match will mostly draw 70% of the time due to this.

The weaker team put all their mind and energy into defending for as long as possible.

Asia 2nd half

For those of you who are new to the betting experience or whose match is difficult to predict, players should watch the first half and then participate in the second half Asian 1×2 bet. So you will have a good chance of winning. 

How to bet 1×2 Asia for the whole match

Tie bets on full-time 1X2 should be discarded if there is a difference in qualifications between the two sides. The upper team will try their best to win, but the lower team, due to poor physical and technical skills, the competition is no longer focused, leading to easy mistakes.

Fight against the majority: Most players bet on a certain team because they love it, not necessarily because that team is more likely to win. When there are too many people betting on a certain team, the odds of that team will drop sharply, leading to very low payouts. At this time, the odds of the remaining team will be adjusted to be very high. You need to put aside feelings of love and hate and boldly fight against the majority to have a chance to win with extremely high payouts.

Hopefully, this article will help you answer questions as well as participate in the game to win big.

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