What to Look Out for When Buying Karcher Car Wash Machine

Karcher car wash machine has a gamut of systems for car-cleaning to keep your vehicle in impeccable condition.The challenge is to know the right model to buy at what price.This article provides youthe benefits that it offers along with the different models that are available in Kenya.

Karcher car wash machine has a gamut of systems for car-cleaning to keep any vehicle in impeccable condition.Besides, the Karcher range of wash machines in Kenya has the most impressive aftermarket detailing equipment like undercarriage cleaners, quick-release attachments, and snow foam lances. The challenge is to know the right model to buy because they come in various features, qualities, and sizes. Although they can affect the price, it is wise not to pay too much attention to the price as it can compromise on its quality.


Any interested buyer of a Karcher car wash machine might want to know the benefits that it offers to make an informed purchase decision. To that end, here are some benefits of the machine for your information.

Pressure-adjustable: The water pressure of the Karcher car wash machine is the highest among the car wash machines whether it is electricity-generated or fuel-driven.Its pressure nozzle is adjustable so that you can select your desired pressure for the job.

Corded or cordless: These high-pressure cleanerscan be either corded or cordless so that you can clean your car even when there is no main socket nearby for electrical supply. It offers convenience to motorists traveling distances to places where they don’t have a grid connection. Thus, they can go on long road trips knowing that they can clean their car anytime anywhere.

Adjustable nozzle: Most of them also have a nozzle that is adjustable to produce foam. The foam nozzle is perfect for foaming action that cleans and gets rid of messiness east and fast.

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Having considered the benefits of the Karcher car wash machine, we thought you might want to know about just a few models available in the market to start with. The Karcher car wash machine price in Kenya differs depending on the model. Here we give you some models to consider so that you can pick your choice.

  • Karcher K2: The K2 is equipped with a dirt blaster, water filter, detergent applicator, and a gun with high pressure. Its waterfilter removes impurities. No excess pressure is built up as the pressure control manages the motor. The detergent injector system is used to supply detergent. It may not be suitable for heavily soiled cars because it is a bit on the weaker side.
  • Karcher K4: The K4 car wash machine is best suited for home uses that do not need heavy-duty cleaning. It is much more expensive than K2 and K3 as it has more power with a higher flow rate. But it is less expensive than the K5 and K7 types both of which have advanced features for cleaning.
  • Karcher K5: The K5 is a good investment and a good all-rounder. Its high performance is ideal for jobs around the yard andhouse. This mid-range washerhas more power than Karcher K2.It is the best pressure wash machine for home use. This unit has a foot hose that is 25 feet long, an onboard tank detergent, and a power-spray wand.
  • Karcher K7: The higher flow and extra pressure of K7 may not be necessary for an ordinary home car wash. Therefore, if you only need it to clean your car with it chances are that you might find it a bit on the expensive side.

Last word:  As mentioned earlier, leave the price to the last. Consider the features, benefits, and various models available in Kenya. When considering the models ask for the difference between the models. That way you can rest assured that you have made the right choice under the given circumstances. For more about car washing machine, check

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