Why Pallet Truck Is a Valuable Asset for Your Warehouse

Like an accountant cannot work without a calculator, a warehouse cannot function without a load lifting tool. Even your most heavily built manual laborer cannot lift some loads without breaking their back. In this article, find everything you need to know about a pallet truck and why it can keep your most valuable employees in good health.

A warehouse is a business where productivity but mostly safety is paramount—wondering how you can achieve both? A pallet truck is the answer. Its ability to aid in lifting both light and heavy loads around the warehouse has made it a popular tool in many warehouses. There are different kinds of pallet trucks to cater for different uses and the budget of the warehouse owner.

Types of Pallet Trucks

A manual pallet truck- it’s usually hand-powered and commonly used in personal warehousing and retailing operations. It is mostly preferred for its simple design, ease in using and affordability.

Powered Pallet Jack- this type is advanced in technology as it requires an engine to operate. It can be ride-on, sit-on, or hand-operated like the manual pallet truck, making it more efficient.

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck- this is the go-to type when operating on uneven ground. Its make, consisting of tough frames and sturdy pneumatic tyres, enables it to maneuver rough surfaces effortlessly.

Essential Features of a Pallet Truck

Steer Wheels- hand-powered pallet trucks give you the option of either nylon or polyurethane wheels.

Nylon wheels are suitable where durability is key when working on rough, debris-ridden, cold and wet floors. They are also chemical resistant but are usually the noisy type and may leave markings on the floor.

Polyurethane wheels are less noisy and are made to reduce markings on the floor. They are suitable on smooth surfaces as they easily damage rough ones; however, if debris is avoided, they are quite durable.

Brakes- although most hand-powered pallet tucks do not possess brakes, some brands do. They are operated by hand to allow for easier access. For the safety of employees, it’s advisable to use one with brakes.

Why should you invest in a pallet truck?

Cost-effective and Time-Saving- a pallet truck is the ultimate time-saver as it allows you to do more in less time. The overall pallet truck price in Kenya will surprisingly go easy on your budget; its initial cost and maintenance expense is lower than other alternatives.

Reduces Risk of Injury- pallet trucks offer you easier and safer operations. Given the heavy loads in a warehouse, manual load lifting could inflict injuries on your employees, resulting in high employee injury costs.

Increases Efficiency-the level of efficiency may depend on the type of pallet truck being used. Regardless, the pallet truck will do what may be physically challenging for employees; this reduces fatigue and allows them to do more in less time.

Easy to Operate- the design of a pallet truck gives it an upper hand over its alternatives as it can easily penetrate tight spaces. Its variety in size, 2.5 tonne/narrow, 3 tonne/narrow, and 3 tonne/wide, makes it a suitable choice for most industries.


Once you acquire a pallet jack, keep in mind that how you take care of it is how it will take care of you. Proper maintenance is paramount to prolong its lifespan so you can reap from your investment for longer.


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