Why You Should Consider Decra Roofing Sheets

It has been said for over 60 years that a house is not a home without Decra roofing systems. Their wide array of Mediterranean-themed roofing sheets speaks for themselves. Moreover, Decra has multiple colors, and you can choose from them with an assurance of quality and durability in any weather conditions.

Decra roofing systems have been synonymous with their stylish and durable roofing solutions. It is no wonder that they have remained the best for over 60 years. Decra assures customers of their products’ quality standards in design and manufacture.

So Why Decra?

Decra sheets have a stone coating whose striking resemblance to clay will leave you in awe of its beauty. However, the Decra roof is pleasing to look at and provides a lifetime of protection against harsh weather conditions due to its steel core, which is resistant to corrosion. Decra sheets also utilize horizontal fastening techniques that help prevent wind uplifts and break-ins.

Decra roofing sheets ate friendly to the environment. Moreover, Decra’s steel products are recyclable, meaning that after their useful life, the steel can be taken and used to make new products. With Decra, no materials go to waste.

Does Decra have a variety to choose from?

Having been on the market for a long time, Decra developed five different types of roofing. Each style offers various homeowners a unique experience. The roofing styles include;

  1. The Decra Villa Tile

The Decra Villa Tile has a striking resemblance with clay tiles. It, however, does not have downsides like those of clay tiles. The Decra Villa Tile has a class 4 impact resistance rating and a Class-A fire rating.

  1. The Decra Tile

The Decra Tile, like the Decra Villa Tile, has a striking resemblance to clay tiles. The Decra tile gives your home a Mediterranian feel. Aside from the Mediterranean style, the Decra Tile is also freeze resistant making it favorable for cold regions.

  1. The Decra Shingle XD

With twice the longevity and half the weight of architectural  shingles, Decra’s Shingle XD  is worth its price tag as it will last for up to 70m years.

  1. The Decra Shake XD

The rustic beauty and durability of the Decra Shake XD is unmatched. It has the striking resemblance of a cedar shake but the strength and durability of a Decra tile.

  1. The Decra Shake

The Decra Shake and Decra shake XD are made from the same material. However, the Decra shake resembles wood shakes but is unmatched in durability.

Each type comes with a unique feature. At this point, I hope you have become convinced to check Decra roofing sheets prices in Kenya because Decra is all about quality, affordability, and variety.

Moreover, Decra Tile has a wide array of architectural tile styles and textures you can choose from. From Shadowood to granite grey and so much more, Decra provides the eye-catching appeal attributed to conventional tiles. Still, with the exceptional strength and durability, only Decra has answers.

Do Decra roof tiles come with a guarantee?

As a promise of quality, Decra customers are given a 40-year guarantee. The roofing tiles, once laid correctly, do not need a replacement for 40 years once laid on a building. This assurance also comes with the promise of protection against winds up to 120 mph wind speed. Moreover,Decra’s aluminum-zinc coated steel roofs help protect against acid rains.

In conclusion, if you are pondering what roofing sheets to get for your dream home, get yourself Decra roofing sheets. They are robust, durable, stylish, affordable, and the best decision you can make in terms of housing

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