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If you are looking for the best DJs in Ranchi, then you have come to the right place. DJ Hungama Beats is one of the most popular wedding DJ service providers in Ranchi. They are the perfect choice for any kind of wedding, whether it’s a traditional or contemporary affair, and will make your event a memorable experience for everyone involved. Their professional and experienced DJs will provide a serene atmosphere for your wedding, while keeping your crowd entertained throughout the night.

Jignesh Shah was born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where he began collecting music at a young age and later started modifying it for clubbing. After completing his engineering studies, he began mixing and remixing Bollywood & International music for clubs. In recent years, he has become a freelance DJ and has been experimenting with different genres, from chillout and hiphop to electro and house.

Jignesh Shah is a freelance DJ and was born in Ahmedabad, India. At a young age, he began collecting and altering music to fit the club scene. While in college, he focused on studying Engineering and became more of a music lover. After graduating from college, he has been remixing Bollywood & International music for the past five years. While experimenting with different genres, he is known for his energetic DJ sets that blend Indian & Western fusion with electronic and house.

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