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The record industry is doing everything in its power to suppress the growth of unauthorized music sites and music downloads on the Internet. From Internet search engines to manufacturers of MP3 players, the industry is fighting back with a fierce counteroffensive. The industry has even gone so far as shutting down hundreds of sites each week. But is all this really worth it? Will webmusic ever become a viable business model? Here’s what you need to know.

The imeem website is a fantastic platform for webmusic, but its Facebook application only displays nine songs at a time and doesn’t refresh playlists. The generic embedded Web player works great, however. Despite the limitations of the Facebook application, Imeem is a highly recommended choice for music listeners. And the service has a decent app for Windows. If you have a Facebook account, you can even embed the Imeem player on your website.

You can even turn the Web Music Player into a web-based speaker with a built-in enclosure. The enclosed Web Music Player can be accessed via its IP address. Make sure you note the IP address of your Raspberry Pi, so you can access the Web Interface from other devices. The IP address of your Raspberry Pi should be listed in the files section. The IP address should be available on the IP address so that you can access the web-based interface from your browser.

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